Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Hide And Seek

Hide and seek
It was the final countdown so We were all running.  I was desperate to win so I sprinted to Oliver and my winning hiding spot because last time we won behind those bushes. Oliver came with me but then I ran away into the middle of the field. I then realised what a bad mistake that I had made. I sprinted back to the bushes where Oliver was. It was very nerve wracking but I thought we were going to win like last time but after a while I was getting nervous because Hayley kept on running past. I thought if Hayley was found and chosen to be in I knew we would be found. But then Gabby came and found us but that confused me because the seekers were Ethan.F and Ella.M so I told Gabby she wasn't a seeker but then she said that while the seekers were counting she walked into the room so Mrs McCabe made her a seeker so Oliver and I walked over to the chessboard. I was heart broken that we had been found. Oliver looked like he didn't even care that much though.  

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