Thursday, 28 September 2017


Hello and today I am here to tell you about my trip to Australia.

I finished my soccer game like all the others but then once we got home we were only home for a hour waiting for my grand parents to arrive. 

When they finally arrived we went outside and waited for the van to arrive when it did we hopped on with all of our bags.

 We drove to the airport then we hopped out of the van and then went and got our bags checked by security then we went over to the seating and waited and waited and waited. Then we heard the voice in the speakers say something about our flight. We got happy but then they said that our flight was delayed from 3:00 to 3:30. 

I was gutted but at the same time I still got more time to play on my iPad for longer.

We heard the voice again saying that we could board the plane now. Once we gave the people our tickets, my mum gave the lady my ticket and then I sprinted down the hallway about to board the plane, but when I turned the corner there was a big line so I decided to turn around and head back up to my mum. All of a sudden a bunch of people came walking down the hallway and nearly pushed me over but I somehow got past and got back to my mum.

Once I was back with my mum we walked back down the hallway and then we went to our seats row 9 and 10.

Once I was in my seat straight away I started playing bingo on the airplane but it was very boring so I watched some cartoons.

When we landed in Brisbane I was very happy but then we had to go through like half an hour of security and then when we finally got out of the airport I was so relieved, but then I remembered that we still had an hour to go because it was an hour drive to the Gold Coast.  About half way through the drive we saw all of the theme parks and it was very cool because at Movie World we saw the Green Lantern ride and the Green Lantern sign was huge and it was glowing bright green.

When we finally got to the Brinklys Diamond Beach Resort I begged my parents to let me hop into the pools but they wouldn't let me in so I was very sad and then I ate some dinner then I played on the I-pad.

In the morning we went and got the car then we all went to Movie World and my favourite ride was probably the Green Lantern and I was very glad that the Ark Asylum was closed because other wise my dad would have made me go on it and anyway I didn't fancy getting hung about 30 meters off the ground.

The next day we dropped off my nana and mum at the mall then my dad, sister, grandad and I went to Wet and Wild and my favourite ride there was probably this ride where you all raced each other down the slide and there was this thing that told everyone their time, and my dad would always win out of all of us.

Overall I think that Australia was very fun and that you should go there some time.

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