Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science blogs week 7 14/6/17 and week 8 22/6/17

Science blog week 7 14/6/17
This week for science we could make a mini golf course or a pulley system I did the mini golf course. It was fun the people I did with were Sam, Sean , Ollie and I. It was really hard to make but then we went and got some materials that we thought would help. Ollie and I grabbed two leaning boards each for some ramps we then had an idea of putting the two leaner boards opposite each other and then bounce the ball really hard so that the ball would bounce back and forth but it would bounce twice and then go flying out so we put the hole on the outside to try and get the ball into the hole but it never worked. 

Science blog week 8 22/6/17
This week for science we continued on doing our catapults and I finished collecting my data for my one cotton ball but I still need to complete data collecting for my three cotton balls. 

What is force? Force is what everyone has and does. The main forces are push and pull even gravity uses a force which is pull. Here's an example, the mob of people used all of their force to pull the container open. Another one is the mob of people push the tram so that the man could get his leg free.
Gravity is one of the strongest forces that we know of its main purpose is to keep us on the ground.
What I changed: I changed on my catapult was that  I took it off the stand so that I could have a higher angle because it was on 10 degree angle but now I can fire it on a 45 degree angle. We also changed the weight of the cotton ball with rubber bands.  

 I wonder if gravity will ever collapse on us one day and we will all be stuck floating. 

You can't see or feel force but it's all around you it's like gravity because gravity is always around you. Even the moon has gravity but the moon's gravity is weaker than ours so you could probably jump up about five meters on the moon but only about 50cms on earth so on the moon you could probably jump ten times higher than on earth. 

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