Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science blog week 6 8.6.17

Science blog week 6 8.6.17
What I've done:
I got to choose between 3 different activities that were ping pong ramps,chair pulley and basketball bounces I did basketball bounces. The people who did it were Sean, Heilee, Ruby, Larissa, Hamish, Ethan and I we played four square with two different balls a flat ball and a new fully pumped ball.. The new ball did better because when you used the old ball it would bounce about 5 times before just rolling away but the new ball when Sean jumped and slammed the ball down to the ground it would go like 5 meters high but the other ball would only go up like a meter. So we used the new ball for the game I think it went well and the game just started out Hamish,Sean,larrisa and I but then Ruby and Heilee join and then later on Ethan joined. 
What I found out:
I found out that the more air in the ball the better because the ball will bounce higher so that when you play the ball doesn't just hit the ground and then role away.
What I wonder:
I wonder if  the ball will still bounce if you fill it with helium..
I wonder if the ball would bounce if you fill it with water.

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