Monday, 26 June 2017

High Ropes

High Ropes Wainui Camp
I was really excited when I saw the high ropes course but then I realised that I was scared of heights a cold shiver went through my body. I look up at the 25 meter high ropes course.
From far away I was looking at the high ropes course like this will be easy. My friends all look up at the course and asked each other if they were scared.

 Whenever someone asked me If i was scared I would say yes but try not to show it and to  try to stay calm but I was very frightened before our leader led us all over to the harnesses and helmet then gave us the size he thought we should have. We had 3 groups of 4 my group was Hamish,Ruby,Gabby and I.

Hamish was the first person to climb up he got up to the top and I was the cheerleader Ruby climbed second and I was the backup belayer . A belayer is the person that’s strapped onto the rope. They pull the rope when the person is on the rope they pull the rope so that the rope wont be bendy instead of straight and the backup belayer gets all the rope from the previous person and then they pull back that rope and it all ends up in a big pile and then when they come down both of the bee layer release some rope so that the climber has space to climb down. 

Next it was my turn to climb up but I got very scared and I only made it up to the second staple before deciding to come down but then I did the Giants ladder which I only got up to the second step. 

I was really relieved when I was back on ground because I wasn't scared anymore.

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