Thursday, 1 September 2016


 Have you ever hurt yourself badly? I have but, I have never broken a bone. My claim is that places should be safer for children. Once when I was in Hanmer I saw what looked like a small wall but once I was on it it felt like a one way death trap that had only one way down which was that I had to jump down. I slipped off the top quickly and fell off the wall it felt like a split-second before hitting the ground. I felt no pain. I thought I was in a magical land, but then all of a sudden the pain kicked in. It felt horrible I looked over at my mum she looked worried, my sister started crying and then my auntie called the ambulance. While I was on the ground a woman walked past and she was on her day off but she was a doctor who helped me.

Have you are ever seen someone drowning at a pool or at the beach you should know that drowning can be silent because they can't yell or splash their body around. their Should be at least one or two lifeguards. at a pool or beach. If you ever see someone drowning you should quickly get an adult or lifeguard for help to save the person’s life. Once my friend Ollie was at a waterpark and their was one of those wave things and this kid tried to swim to the top but the waves kept on pushing him under and then the lifeguard had to swim out and help the kid to safety. 

Another dangerous thing is kids could die at a mall on a escalator because they could slip on it when going up or coming down or they could climb up the side and then fall to their death. 

Kids could even die from all sorts of things, for examples the Kinda Surprise’s, I actually thought that a Kinda Surprise’s would be harmless but apparently not, because kids could eat some of the plastic in the middle and chook on it. And that isn't a nice surprise. In conclusion adults should always keep an eye on their kids.

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  1. Hay Jackson I have a connections with u to I have never broken my boonies before and I reckon that places should be safer too.