Thursday, 30 June 2016


The cross country run
I felt proud when I…

It wasn't a very pleasant day at st James park. 
It was spitting with rain I was in the year 5 2km run. We had to warm up for the race. 
We went to the line all warmed up and ready to go we got a countdown 3 2 1 GO I started to run and I got into 8th or 9th before falling back behind into 11th I looked back I saw Sean right behind me gaining ground on me I kept on running and got into 10th but Sean got into 9th witch made me 11th. I saw Hamish in 1st but it was pretty obvious that he would win I looked back again 
and saw some other kids behind me I went the finish line I felt accomplished but then realised that I had only finish the first lap and not the second lap I kept on running when I was 3 quarters through the second lap when Liam passed me.
I started to catch up to him but then we got to the finish line and then found out that I got 12th witch I think was a major improvement from last year when I got 21th.
Overall I felt accomplished.

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