Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Discovery time reflection 12/4/16

Discovery time reflection 
Today at discovery time i continued the iMovie with Korey,Ryle,Jayden,Hamish,gabby,Oliver who was filming and Jackson We got about another 8mins filmed. Witch I think is tons more.

The role I played was pretending to be fake knocked out a lot and using what look like jousting sticks as weapons.

A strategy I used was not to make weird noises in the middle of the scene. I used this strategy because it was helpful so that we didn't have to retake the scene.

Something new I have learnt is that to focus on what we are doing and not to mess around because when I mess around we get less time to film scenes.

A struggle/challenge for me was with the scoters because I fell of todd’s scoter a few times and had to get the hang of riding on todd’s scoter.

I showed a growth mindset by helping to retake the scene but make it better.

Next discovery time I want to show improvement by finishing the iMovie. 

Overall I think that discovery time was exciting,awesome and full of life.

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