Monday, 15 February 2016

Popcorn writing

Earlier today after morning tea we made popcorn ! We watched the  popcorn POP! It sounded like a hair dryer. When the popcorn started to pop it looked like a yellow monster who was really sick and was going to have a massive explosive vomit of popcorn . The popcorn was acting really aggressive like a volcano  exploding and it was like a machine Gun too. Our teacher got a iPad and hooked it up to the TV and I started to watch the popcorn grow and then watched it POP! It was like a canon shooting up in the air before flying into the dark green bowl .In the end we stopped with two full bowls of popcorn, by the end of day there was no popcorn leftover because everyone ate all the popcorn.


  1. It really must of been flying if it was like a canon! That's pretty impressive! I would have loved to know what it tasted like! Miss D :)

  2. Jackson - I was most amused at your reference to the popcorn machine "vomiting" popcorn. You made it sound like the popcorn machine was alive! - Kiri

  3. Great work Jackson, love your description of the popcorn machine!